Jessie Alden

Posted by Jessie Alden on July 16, 2010 at 11:51:33:

Im currently living in Boston, working at MassBiologics. Its a monoclonal antibody company that is part of UMASS Medical School. They manufacture tetanus and dyptheria vaccines and use the money to fund ongoing monoclonial antibody research. Current projects include, rabies, HCV, C.difficile, and ALS. Most of my day to day work is cloning and cell culture, but things are always changing, so who knows what our group will be doing in a few months. I work in the same department as another RWU alum, Marisa Checca and a former RWU student who transfered after two years, Colleen Fenn. Im really enjoying the job and Boston in general. I will probably be here for about 2 years before hopefully going to medical school !
Hope all is well in Bristol
Have a great summer!